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Rohan Phillips :: Composer and Conductor

Baby & Big Boy! Photos

Edward Douglas Phillips
11th August 2005

George Rohan Phillips
3rd June 2008

April 2011

February 2011


Did you see who was driving you to Melbourne this evening?

The Boys

December 2011


'its the season to do tumbles. Fa-la-la-la-la...

Ed dressing up (Ring-bearer at Kat and Evan's Wedding

George dressing up (this day, the boy of many personas was a builder...)

George on Christmas morning

...and apologies for the blurry shots - he was very excited!'s a red aeroplane... (and it only took 6 months of hints!)

Do they have Christmas on Kamino?

...and that was Christmas day. Both boys lived happily ever after (it helps if no.2 son has a red aeroplane and no.1 has a (an?) helmet.

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